Now Your Car Is Talking Baseball

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Ford unveiled a new feature for cars equipped with the Sync entertainment system: fantasy baseball player updates.

A couple of verbal commands from you and the Sync system will read you a rundown of the hottest players in the National and American Leagues. You can check out a demonstration of it here.

Now, before you get too excited, it doesn’t seem like this will be all that useful to most fantasy players. More than likely, players on hot streaks are already taken in most fantasy leagues. And here’s hoping that some schmo driving his car doesn’t grab his smartphone and try to look at his league’s free agent list while he’s driving. Hey, if Ford could make a Sync app that could help you make free agent acquisitions by voice command, that would be cool.

But it is a neat little feature that, at the very least, can help you keep informed about who’s playing well. This might be even more useful for fantasy football, since the games are only once a week and making smart roster moves can make a big difference. The baseball updates will give you weekly leaders, which doesn’t help too much if you’re in a league that allows daily transactions.

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