Super Padded Batting Gloves Means More Batters Taking More Free Bases

Posted by Jonathan in EQUIPMENT on 03-05-10    2 Comments

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Here’s a major rules snafu in the waiting for Major League Baseball: A batting glove that claims to reduce the impact of a 100 MPH fireball down to a 40 MPH batting practice ball.

A company called ProTeX announced today that it is shipping a full line of custom right or left handed batting gloves that offer unheard of levels of protection to batter’s hands and wrists. Though the company’s products appear to be just padded versions of the classic batting glove, some pretty darn slick technology is built in. Called Advanced Impact Composites, the yellow areas on the left are a mix of rigid polymers and flexible pads which absorb the impact of the ball, similar to say, how motorcycle jackets and logging pants work.

Now, clearly many at-bats remain to see if these gloves can protect batters. But if the ProTex gloves can help a major league hitter even a little bit, batters will fear pitches less, crowd the plate bit more, and be more aggressive at the plate.

And at just $80, not only the major leagues, but the little leagues are going to find out how effective the ProTeX is.

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2 Comments on “Super Padded Batting Gloves Means More Batters Taking More Free Bases”

  • josh chambers

    how much r they

    04-29-10 » 9:05 pm »

  • jonathan

    they start at $80. They get pricey fast. Cool though.

    04-30-10 » 5:16 am »

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