Toned Butt Just By Walking? Not So Fast Guys.

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Reebok EasyTone Sneakers have a bottom like a stability ball at a gym.So by now I’m sure everybody has seen the advertisments for the new Reebok EasyTone sneakers, right?  You know the ads with the talking boobs and butss that claim to be this perfect from just walking.  The whole EasyTone gimick is that like amny other curved sole shoes on the market, the instability in the shoe forces your muscles to work harder and viola excercise.  The thing is the studies behind these shoes, especially in Reebok’s case, and not solid science.  Accoding to the New York Time Reebok’s study was not published in any major medical journals and included on five subjects! 

“In that study, done at the University of Delaware, five women walked on a treadmill for 500 steps wearing either the EasyTone or another Reebok walking shoe, and while barefoot. Using sensors that measure muscle activity, the researchers showed that wearing the EasyTone worked gluteal muscles an average of 28 percent more than regular walking shoes. Hamstring and calf muscles worked 11 percent harder.”   Sounds fishy to us.

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