Sports Data Market Heats Up

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Looks like Mike Bloomberg is not happy with just being King of New York City. Mike wants to be King of Sports Data as well. The New York Times is reporting, and the Biz of is confirming, that Bloomberg LP, the $5 billion some odd financial data providers, is getting into the business of selling sports data. The service will compete head for head with services like Baseball Info Solutions, says The Times/ And Richard Sandomir of The Times, who got a demo of the new Bloomberg product and liked it, got Bloomberg President Daniel Doctoroff to say that the business will only be a small outlet for Bloomberg. But we’re not buying it. Considering the investment the leagues — particularly the NFL — have made in harnessing and disseminating their own game information, Bloomberg is clearly a looming competitor that must be watched. Bloomberg is currently a sports data customer for the leagues. It resells MLB data as part of its current news product. But considering that Mr. Bloomberg never knows when to call it quits — he changed New York City law to run for mayor in a third term — the sports world may find itself competing with a well financed, aggressive data provider. We expect Bloomberg to expand to offer football and basketball data, and eventually  start collecting its own information without the league’s involvement. And compete head for head with the sports data business, which is the lifeline of the business. Also Bloomberg is  clearing a path for other financial data providers like Thomson Rueters to follow in their steps. Either way, the cluby world of sports scores and stats is about to end.

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